Makerspaces, Hackspaces, Fab Labs and similar spaces are community hubs for making, playing, exploring, hacking and sharing. They are are open to everyone and equipped with tools which may range from 3D printers through biohacking equipment up to arts and crafts supplies – the projects which come to life by way of various cooperations with and between community, space and tools are equally varied. Such innovation communities and community hubs have become areas of interest in a wide range of disciplines in recent years. Our Makerspace at C&T – which is inspired by the GIG Makerspace at re:publica  – is a gathering and exchange space for interested researchers and activists. It is also a prototyping ground for hands-on, making-oriented community hubs within the socio-technical fabric of academic conferences.


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Monday, 26th of June / Tuesday, 27th of June (University)

Join us at the C&T Makerspace – there will be demo projects and fabrication equipment on site during the whole days. We will also have multiple open-ended workshops at specific times which can be joined on the fly.

Workshop & network times with Makerspace team on-site:

  • Monday: 08:45 – 09:30 and 12:30 – 13:30
  • Tuesday: 08:45 – 09:45 & 12:30 – 13:30 & 15:30-16:00

Activity: 3D-printing & digital fabrication

  • This workshop will allow you to explore digital fabrication based on the example of 3D printing (possibly at the intersection with AR/VR). Your very own creation can be printed right there and then.

Activity: Upcycling

  • Repurpose old paper and plastic foils, to create useful creative objects, by utilizing regular household tools. Another activity you can implement easily on a budget, with children. You decide what to build and can take your creation home

Activity: Build a Drawbot

  • A Drawbot is a robot that moves around and draws. Come and learn how to build your own, which you can take home. Simple idea that you can implement on workshops with children.

Activity: MakerNet

  • MakerNet is an international initiative providing systems and tools that connect makers and makerspaces to local markets and manufacturing infrastructure. Their aims are to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to collaborate on open source product designs and to create business models that connect makers to markets to gain a sustainable Industry 4.0. The project and their platform will be presented at the workshop.